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This is an important section of the website. There is a great deal of deliberate disinformation spread throughout the media as a means of throwing sand in our eyes. Some of the cleverest debunkers are those who on the surface are bona fide researchers who appear to have the intention of bringing the truth about Ufology to light, while in reality they are using their reputations as researchers as a means to subtly rubbish the phenomenon. There really is no excuse for these people because they must through their research have discovered the truth. Whether they are paid by government agencies for their work in debunking our subject, or whether they have an aversion to it through their own fears, it is impossible to know. Suffice to say that I know who the main culprits are, and I will not allow them to influence our society in any way.

The one thing you can be certain of is that any suggested link given in this section will have been carefully vetted by myself, and in my opinion will give you as clear a picture as possible of the true nature of our subject. With that in mind, I have no hesitation in offering these two films of witness testimonies. I have not the slightest doubt that the three people involved are telling the truth. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Here is one of the best documentaries I’ve found with testimony from witnesses of the very highest calibre.

Here is a truly great documentary which really tells you all you need to know. The parts which concern abductions are full of detail and in my opinion genuine in every respect. Please click on the highlighted Here to watch it.


Here’s another great documentary I highly recommend. Be warned that it’s rather long, but if you needed proof of government cover up, then you couldn’t really do any better. You will notice in some testimony that military spokespersons may say that they’re not interested in UFOs. They are indeed telling the truth because UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object and the military and secret government know exactly what they are. Therefore they’re not unidentified. It’s just semantics and is totally disingenuous.

I also have no hesitation in recommending the website of my friend Linda Moulton-Howe. It’s called Earthfiles   

Just click on the highlighted words to go directly to the link which will open in a separate tab, so you don’t have to leave this website.

The best crop circle research website by far is BLT 

Here’s a recent talk given by the Hon. Paul T Hellyer , former Minister of Defense and Acting Prime Minister of Canada. If you are new to this subject, you will find what he has to say almost impossible to believe. The truth is shocking. However, I’ve studied these subjects for 35 years, and I guarantee that everything he says is true. He is a very courageous man who deserves the utmost respect. Never before has a person with such standing dared to speak this truth. I take my hat off to him.

Here is part of the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure. Please consider the quality and standing of these witnesses. They are of the very highest calibre.


Here is a really interesting and fun website created by my friend David Bryant. It’s entitled Chilling Tales UK and I’m confident you’ll enjoy it. He has a delightful way of telling his stories, and his use of the English language makes them an absolute pleasure to read. David is an astronomer and lecturer and a keen ornithologist. His bird and wildlife photography is superb. He is also known as “Meteorite Man UK” because he sells meteorites. Altogether, David is a very interesting fellow, and I’m delighted to be considered a friend of his.


You may also be interested in his brand new book entitled; “OUR FORBIDDEN MOON”, which suggests that our moon may already be occupied, and that we’re not welcome!


Here’s a video showing many craft. I’m confident that the vast majority of them are genuine. I’ve included it because I particularly like the lyrics in the accompanying song.

In the early days of Ufology there were several people who claimed to have had contact with human like Extra Terrestrials. George Adamski, Howard Menger, Daniel Fry, Billy Meier, to name a few of the most important ones. I have researched these people in some depth, and I can confidently recommend the majority of the information coming from these people. Links to more information about them will be added later. Please bear in mind that the more important a witness to the reality of Extra Terrestrials becomes, the more likely it is that they will have been targets of the “Silence Group”, whose intention is to keep the truth from us. All the aforementioned people have been thus targeted.

There have been many books written on the subject, and I’m lucky enough to have collected a large number of them. Many of them are wonderful sources of information, but two authors that I’m happy to recommend are Timothy Good and Professor John Mack. More will be added to the list.

A website which dares to look at questions which many others shy away from is Richplanet, owned and run by Richard D Hall. There’s many hours of content on his website. I’m not sure about some of his conclusions, but I do admire his tenacity and his determination to investigate contentious issues.