UFO by the Council Tip

It was around 1985 at approximately 10.30 pm when Dave of Brookfield Lane, Macclesfield was closing his bedroom curtains. As he did so, he noticed a large cigar shaped craft near the overhead power lines on Gawsworth Road, just past the site of the council refuse tip.

The weather conditions were clear with a bright three quarter moon. It’s difficult to estimate the size of an object at that distance, but David estimated the craft to be about 150 feet in length. The body of the craft was a dark colour, and there was a row of small bright lights from one side of it to the other.

Along the underside of the craft was an area of white light, and below that was a shimmering dark violet blue light. It was a colour quite unlike anything David had ever seen before. However, from my research, I can tell the reader that it is a colour which has often been associated with UFOs.

The duration of the sighting was around 30 minutes during which time his wife Brenda stood watching the craft also. The craft did not fly away. It just vanished.

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