Truggs i’thole

TRUGS I’TH HOLE     12-8-06

On Saturday 12th of August I went with my wife Jenny to Nether Alderley. She dropped me off at the National Trust property called Hare Hill, while she went to the nearby stables to muck out our daughter’s horse.

I walked through the wood and the walled garden on my own and then returned to the entrance to await Jen’s return. As I stood by the entrance, I was engaged in conversation by the couple who had volunteered to collect the admission charges for the gardens. They were late middle aged, almost certainly married, and lived in Whaley Bridge. As I so often do, I steered the conversation towards my favourite subjects, telling them of my trips to Wiltshire to study the crop circles. They were obviously lukewarm towards the subject but the man asked me point blank, “Who makes the genuine circles”? I replied that they were made by extra terrestrial visitors. This did not go down too well. The lady was polite but none the less left me in no doubt that she found such ideas very hard to believe.

The conversation continued for a while longer before the man reminded his wife of the strange event which had befallen them around four hours earlier that day. As they were driving from Macclesfield on the Alderley Edge road in their fairly new BMW, they came to a place on the road which is called, “Truggs i’th hole”. This is Macclesfield dialect which translated means, “Troggs in the hole”. It has been called by this name since at least the beginning of the 19th century. The Troggs are of course the small statured, strange looking men of folklore, and this particular place is situated at the bottom of a long hill, in a dip with a small stream running through the bottom of it. The road runs over this stream.

The two National Trust volunteers were completely oblivious to all this as they drove away from Macclesfield centre towards Hare Hill. They were about 200 yards from Trugs i’thole when they saw  a very large white van approaching from the opposite direction. They both described it as being larger than a Ford Transit van. The lady was driving the BMW and she was forced to slow down as the road was narrow and the van swung out slightly onto their side of the road before it turned left towards an old wooden field gate which was situated less than 20 feet from the side of the road. The couple watched in disbelief as the van disappeared into thin air. The old gate was never opened and there appears to be nothing more than a rough pasture beyond it.

I returned to Hare Hill on 3-09-06 and spoke with Brian and Alison. They were happy to talk to me about the incident and had often spoken about it in the intervening weeks. They reiterated their story and showed me the position of the encounter on a map. However, I was not certain of the location and persuaded Brian to come with me in my car and show me the exact spot. The gateway was located on the Macclesfield town side of the Truggs i’th hole. It is on the right side of the road as seen from a vehicle travelling away from Macclesfield centre. Brian was adamant about what he had seen.

The question you may be asking is; “What has all this to do with UFOs”? The truth is that it may have nothing at all to do with UFOs. However, I have included it here because I am aware from other witness statements I have taken concerning other UFO events that UFOs have the ability to transform themselves into any shape. For instance, I was told many years ago by a Macclesfield man that on one occasion when he was in Manchester, he looked up to see a disc shaped UFO in the sky above him. As he watched, it changed its shape into that of a light aircraft. It also then began to make the sound one would expect from small aircraft engines, but he couldn’t help thinking that they didn’t sound quite right, as if the sound were being played through speakers of some kind.

I personally experienced the very same thing when I had a very close encounter with a UFO at a UFO hotspot in the Pewsey Vale in Wiltshire. On this occasion the UFO which was only about 200 feet away suddenly transformed into an aircraft wing without any fuselage. It had two tiny engines no larger than a Cessna’s, and yet the camouflaged wing looked as though it belonged to a world war 2 bomber. It flew with its wingtip just a few feet off the ground. The other wingtip vertically above it. It was an impossible manoeuvre to make in any case, regardless of the fact that it was missing a fuselage. I had a witness standing by me throughout the whole event.

There was a lot more to that sighting, but I just wanted to use it to illustrate the case that UFOs can and do take any form, so my inclusion here of Brian and Alison’s story is I believe justified.


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  1. Carl cassidy

    Hi my name is Carl and i am trying to find a society to join regarding ufos. Its a subject i am very interested in.
    Regards Carl

    1. Post

      Hello Carl,
      Good to hear from you. Do you live anywhere near Macclesfield? Is this a subject that you’ve been interested in for long and have you had any sightings or encounters with ETs? It’s not a requirement that you have done. If you have a genuine interest and an open mind you are very welcome. At this stage we are a new society and there is no joining fee. Meetings are yet to be arranged as numbers are small but that’s fine by me. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll do my best to answer them. Best wishes, Rob Hulse.

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