The Roaches UFO

It was the summer of 1980 when Joanne Gillman, then aged 10, and her sister were riding their horses on their mother’s farm just below the Roaches. Suddenly a craft shot by close to them at fantastic speed. They felt pressure above their heads and heard a noise like a jet engine but much quieter. It was not unpleasant on their ears at all. The speed was such that they could not make out the shape of it. The horses were used to low flying jets in the area as were the girls and would not normally react too adversely to a jet encounter. However, on this occasion the horses were extremely upset by the event and lathered up profusely. They could not be ridden and had to be led back to the farm.

My studies have shown me that animals of all kinds react strongly to the presence of UFOs. Dogs in particular seem to be badly affected. It’s quite obvious that they can hear, see or sense much more than we humans can.

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