Strange events at Bosley Reservoir

This is a case where nobody saw a UFO, but I’m quietly confident that ETs were involved. I’ll detail the incident and then give you my reasons for thinking this;

The event took place one evening during November or December 1980. Robert’s father was the warden for Bosley Reservoir and they lived in the warden’s bungalow. On this particular evening Robert and his brother were alone in the house watching TV. Suddenly all the house lights dimmed right down then brightened back up again. They did this twice and the TV was also affected. A little later a knock was heard on the front door but when Robert answered it there was no one there. Then a knock was heard on the back door but once again there was no one there. With the lights dimming and the knocks on the doors they were both beginning to feel a little uneasy, but Robert thought it must just be someone playing the fool, so he told his brother to go to the front door while he went to the back, then if a knock came they would catch him. Sure enough the front doorbell rang this time and Robert’s brother instantly opened the door, but no one was there. The thing which they really couldn’t understand was that there was around 6 inches of fresh snow on the ground and yet there wasn’t a single footprint to be seen anywhere.

So why do I think ET’s were involved?

  1. November/December 1980 was a particularly busy time for UFOs. The abduction of PC Alan Godfrey in Todmorden, the Rendlesham Forest incident, and my own sighting on the Leek Road less than a couple of miles from the warden’s bungalow. There were other sightings on the Leek road at this time also, which I hope to give details of in due course. Apart from these incidents, there were many more sightings reported up and down the country at this time. UFO sightings often come in waves, and this was a particularly busy one, following on from the late 1970’s sightings and encounters in The Welsh Triangle around Pembrokeshire.
  2. It may be hard for some people to accept, but I can personally testify to the fact that ETs have a sense of humour. They also try to stimulate the thought processes of those who encounter them. It’s all part of their wish to get people to think “outside the box”.
  3. There have been so many sightings and encounters around the Bosley area over the years. As you read these accounts of local sightings, I hope you will come to understand that this is a real hotspot.
  4. The dimming down of the lights and TV could just be a drop in the electricity supply. However, we know for certain that UFOs affect electrical equipment, and the combination of the knocks on both doors, and the ringing of the doorbell without footprints in the snow suggests to me that this is not the answer.

Footnote — Robert’s brother claims to have seen a landed UFO on another occasion but I’m afraid that I don’t have details of the event at this time.

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