Sarah Dobson Encounters

Sarah Dobson of Wilmslow is an elderly lady who I had the pleasure of getting to know some years ago. She contacted me after seeing an article concerning my sightings in the local newspaper.

Sarah is a fairly devout Catholic, and it turned out that she had experienced a number of sightings and even an encounter with a man from another world who was posing as a doctor in a Manchester hospital.

I am often asked whether certain people are targeted by the ETs for contact, and my research and my own personal experiences have shown me that this is indeed the case. However, when we say “targeted”, we usually think that the target is a victim. In this case nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of people who have these experiences are enriched by them, both spiritually and psychically. There’s no denying that some of the contacts are challenging to say the least, and may take some coming to terms with, but the person involved invariably becomes a better person for it, so long as they can overcome their fears and begin to think “outside the box”. Sarah was most certainly not afraid of her contacts, and I will discuss her case in detail during one of the society’s meetings and will show a film of the interview which I did with her, but for now, I’ll give you the bare bones of her sightings.

From September 1969 to September 1972 Sarah had at least 6 sightings of UFOs and other smaller devices at her home in Wilmslow. The large craft which hovered above her garden had a letter H on the underside, which Sarah believes stands for Hesperus, which is a name connected with the planet Venus. There seems to be a connection with the people from the planet Ummo, as their craft also showed a similar design underneath them. The Ummites, whose craft were photographed, were active in France and Spain around about the same dates on which Sarah’s encounters took place. There has been considerable doubts expressed about the authenticity of the Ummites, but I am absolutely certain that Sarah is completely honest about these sightings, and also certain that she had no knowledge whatsoever about what was taking place in France and Spain at the time. When I spoke to her in February 2002, it was quite obvious that she had never even heard of the contacts from the Ummo.

Her first encounter was in September 1969. Sarah was working at her tobacco kiosk in Hyde Road, Gorton, when she noticed a shape hanging motionless just below the clouds. She mentioned it to a lady who said it was probably an aeroplane, to which Sarah replied,” Since when do aeroplanes hang motionless in the sky”. At this, the woman became uneasy and hurried away. The object then moved across the sky and came lower and lower. Sarah could see that it was a bell shaped craft of some kind and copper in colour. Other people also saw it but they too left in a hurry, so that it seemed as though Sarah was the only person left in Hyde Road. Eventually it hovered just a few feet above the butchers shop opposite her kiosk. It made no noise. Suddenly it just vanished. It did not fly away.

Sarah closed the kiosk and caught the train home, only to find when she looked out of the window that the same craft was following her. Unnerved by this, she slid lower in her seat and was pleased to see her husband Bill when he collected her at the station. By this time the craft had gone.

On January 1st 1970, Sarah had a serious accident on a train taking her to work in Manchester. She was treated by a doctor in Ancoats Hospital who I believe was extra terrestrial in origin. The description Sarah gave me of him matches the description of the Ummites. He looked much like the type we call Nordics, but this tall, young looking man did not have blonde hair. In his case, it was white. His eyes were a piercing blue and Sarah told me that he looked like a Greek God. He treated no one else, despite the hospital casualty waiting room being full. He walked out of the hospital with Sarah.

On other occasions, Sarah saw the craft creating cloud around them, which is something we know they are able to do from photographs we have. On another occasion a smaller probe device hovering by the tree in her garden, flew across to the patio door where she stood. It then directed a beam which hit her on the nape of her neck. When I saw Sarah in 2002, the mark it left was still very obvious.

In August 1984, Sarah took several photographs of her garden with an old film camera. One of the photos shows a figure 8 symbol in the air a few feet off the ground. All the other photos on the film are perfectly normal. I’m not certain about the meaning of this but I am convinced that it is very important.

There is so much to this case that I have only given a brief overview here. The interview and photos will be shown at one of our meetings when we get organised.




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