Mr Nicklin’s UFO

On November 9th 1961 around 9pm, Mr Nicklin was walking his dog up Smithy Lane, Bosley, when a totally silent U.F.O. appeared in the sky above them. Mr Nicklin only noticed it when it began to make a noise “like 20 hives of bees buzzing”. As the noise started a powerful light from the craft illuminated the ground in front of him. He was not caught in the beam but his dog was. His dog became motionless and it appeared as though it were paralysed. After about half a minute the buzzing noise and the beam of light went off, and then Mr Nicklin was able to see that the craft had many small differently coloured windows on the underside. It seemed to him that the bottom half of the craft was slowly rotating while the top half stayed still. The craft then shot off at tremendous speed making no noise as it did so. The dog quickly returned to normal. A few days later Mr Nicklin was speaking to his friend Mr Gibson who was the station master at Rushton. He told him that he had also seen the craft as it flew over him from the Leek direction.
Some ten years later, Mr Nicklin was driving with his wife from Buglawton to Bosley. As he drove over the Dane bridge he noticed a large football sized object, the colour of the moon, overtaking his car. It flew right alongside and then in front of the car. A little further up the road he drove under the railway bridge expecting to see it on the other side but it had gone.

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