June James

The late June James was a very dear friend of mine who had various UFO sightings and encounters throughout her life. She grew up in Padiham not far from the famous Pendle Hill. She emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa where she became a well known breeder and international judge of her beloved Afghan Hounds. She lived out of town and would often sit on the veranda of her house in the evenings watching the thousands of stars which were visible because there was so little light pollution. On at least 20 occasions she would see a group of 5 disc shaped UFOs come above her home. They made no sound and had no lights upon them, but they were definitely spinning. They always split into a pair and a group of 3 before shooting off north and east. June used to listen in to the aircraft frequencies on her radio equipment, and sometimes only minutes after seeing these craft she would hear pilots on the radio coming in to land at Durban report seeing UFOs on their flightpath. There were many reports of UFOs seen up the east coast as far as Durban around that time. She couldn’t help smiling and wondering if these were the same craft she’d seen just a few minutes earlier.

When her marriage broke up she returned to live at Higham, near Padiham. While walking down the lane one evening in July or August of 1990, she watched with 5 other people as a group of 5 discs hovered in the sky above them. Just as in South Africa, they split into 2 and 3 before shooting off. The whole sighting lasted for 20 minutes.

She then came to live at 121, Bond Street, Macclesfield, which coincidentally was next door but one to 117, Bond Street which is where Mrs Stevenson had one of her encounters! They were not known to each other and it was only when I heard their respective stories did I put the two together. Through my studies, I have come to understand that the energy found in Ley Lines is of great interest to our extra terrestrial visitors. Therefore it came as no surprise to me to discover that my friend Doug Pickford had actually dowsed a Ley Line which runs straight through number 121, Bond Street, Macclesfield. The energy from the line used to peak towards summertime, and June’s cat would often be seen to play with this energy which was concentrating in her metal coffee table, so that she would often have to move it off the line. I have June to thank for showing me that I too was able to feel this energy which I later found is an ability latent in many people.

On 10th of November 1992 around 11pm, June was sitting up in bed reading when a ball of light swiftly entered the room from the direction of the door. It altered course and slowed near the foot of her bed before accelerating away through the wall behind her. Soon after, when she got up and walked downstairs, she felt as though she was walking through a mass of cobwebs. She even checked her hands as she thought they would be covered but there was nothing there.

June then moved to number 2 Justice Street, and around 7.50 pm on Saturday the 11th of November 1995 she looked out of her kitchen window in the direction of Hurdsfield. She was surprised to see a glowing object moving in the direction of Rainow. She later discovered that Barbara Spivey and her son had been driving up Hurdsfield Road when they saw the same object. They first sighted it by the Sunday School just up the road from the canal bridge. The object was slightly egg shaped and emitted a lilac/purple glow. No individual lights or structure were visible and no noise could be heard coming from it. It flew fairly slowly at tree top height past the George and Dragon. It should have been visible to them when they turned the very sharp right hand bend just after the pub, but it had disappeared.

I then helped her to move house to one of the flats in Abbey Road where quite a few other strange things happened. Once again we are overlooking the Bollin Valley where so much UFO activity takes place. One night June had an urge to get out of bed and look out of the window, only to see that a concentrated beam of light was being projected downwards onto the roof of a house in Abbey Road just a few doors up from where she lived. It was totally silent.

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