Hurdsfield UFO

It was late in the evening on a day in 1979 when Mrs Frost who lived in Fence Avenue, Macclesfield, decided to take her mum home in the car to her house in Balmoral Crescent, Hurdsfield. Having seen her mum safely home Mrs Frost walked back up the path towards her car, but looking up she noticed a glowing orange object in the sky.

She got back in her car and drove down Hurdsfield Road to her house in Fence Avenue, but as she got out of her car she was shocked to see that the orange object had followed her and was now hovering just above the trees in the South Park less than 100 feet from her front door.

Panicking, she struggled to find her front door keys in her handbag, but gave up and just hammered on the door, hoping her husband would come quickly which he did. He opened the door and made a remark about all the banging but then noticed the UFO just across the road. He quickly pulled her inside and slammed the door. The two of them hurried upstairs to watch it from their bedroom window and got there just in time to see the UFO shoot off at tremendous speed.

I’ve since spoken with Mrs Frost on several occasions and I now know that the UFO’s interest in her did not end that evening. She has had further encounters since then which she does not want to be made public at this time. I am happy to respect her wishes.

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