Fools Nook UFO

On 28th of December 1980 at around 9pm, I was travelling home to Congleton via the main Macclesfield to Leek road. I was 28 years old. I was in my car with one of our young sons while my wife followed in her car with our other son. As I came round the sharp bend by the canal just before the Fools Nook public house, I immediately noticed a very large red light which was constant and appeared to be about a half mile further up the road. I knew instantly that there was something very odd about it because it seemed far too low to be an aeroplane given the topography of the land around there. I watched it intently as I drove towards it. Just past the Fools Nook I climbed through a twisty wooded section of road and lost sight of it, but then I noticed a lay bye roughly where I thought it should be, close by the entrance to Rough Hey Farm.




Rough Hey Farm



At this stage I could see no lights of any sort except for the many stars which were visible in the totally clear sky. It was a frosty night on that dark country road. I got out of my car as soon as I got in the lay bye and looked up to find myself almost directly underneath a disk shaped craft of some 85 feet in diameter. The size of things in the air is so hard to guess and it may even have been larger than that. It was certainly no more than 200 feet above me at most. The completely flat bottom of the craft was hard to focus on and appeared like a strange sooty black hole in the sky. All around the rim of the craft the stars shone brightly in the small amount of sky still visible between the bottom edge of the craft and the hills. The craft made a very deep rumbling roaring sound which was not at all unpleasant on my ears. I had never seen anything like this, and I instantly felt that whatever it was, it had not been made on this planet. At this proximity, a huge portion of the sky was blotted out as it hovered above me.



Slowly it began to fly horizontally at perhaps 30 mph towards Macclesfield. As I began to get a side on view, I could see that there were rectangular windows, perhaps 6 feet wide by 3 feet deep, with a gap of around 18 inches between each of them. A soft white light came through them. I could not see anything inside but I felt strongly that these were indeed windows. There were 11 and a half of them visible from a side on view. I counted them 3 times just to be sure. By this time my wife had followed me into the lay bye and was stood watching as the craft flew slowly towards Lyme Green. No other lights were visible on this domed topped craft. I drove home in a bit of a daze and went to bed. Strangely, I don’t recall discussing it much with my wife. I’m quite sure that she was frightened by the encounter, and from then on “Ufology” became a serious bone of contention between us.

Paul Villa UFO


I drove to work in Macclesfield the following morning. As I passed the lay bye, I wondered about the amazing encounter of the previous evening. I carried on past The Fools Nook and round the sharp bend by the canal. It was then that I was shocked to see another strange craft. Approximately 100 yards up the road in front of me, a silver cylindrical object flew out of the field on my left, and on a rising trajectory of perhaps 45 degrees it flew straight across the road and off towards the hills. I could hear no sound coming from it as I sat inside my car, and there were no protrusions or obvious signs of methods of propulsion anywhere on this small car sized craft. For all the world, it looked like a large silver tin can.

Since that moment on I have felt a compulsion to study the subject, and hardly a day has gone by since that time when I have not thought about it .I have studied many local cases, and have stumbled across them with such regularity that they appear to have just dropped into my lap. I feel certain that the visitors have encouraged me from time to time by ensuring that I have met up with, and become friends with some of the most important people in this field, especially abductees or contactees if you prefer.

While working at a customer’s house a couple of years later, I happened to notice a book on UFOs in the owner’s bookcase. I was intrigued, so I opened the book and right there on the page was a full colour photo of a craft which was identical to the one I had seen. The photo was one of several taken by Paul Villa at Albuquerque, New Mexico. Many years later, I was at a talk in Leeds given by Lt. Col.Wendelle Stevens. During the break I was able to ask him about Paul Villa and the photos as he knew him personally. He said that Paul was a man of great integrity and that they were completely genuine. As my craft was identical to his, I never doubted that for one moment.



I am well aware that there have been other sightings in that location over the years. One such case happened around 1977 when Mary Brown and her husband Angus were returning to Macclesfield from Leek. It was around 11 pm when they approached the exact point on the road where my encounter took place. They couldn’t help but notice a yellowy white glow over the field directly across the road from the location of my sighting.

They stopped the car but did not get out. Hovering silently above the field some 400 yard away was an angular shaped craft like a triangle or perhaps a pyramid. Their memory of what happened next is very hazy. They just found themselves driving further down the road on their way home.

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  1. David Biggs

    Congratulations on all the hard work you have done. Also for the taking the big step letting your true feelings become exposed. We know it will become more settle in your life now with the this great knowledge and understanding of this real world and not the deception that has gone on for centuries. I do understand for the many that find ufo stuff hard to take on board as I was one of those people until my on encounter in 1990.

    1. Post

      Thankyou Dave,
      Our lives take many twists and turns. Sometimes up and sometimes down, but somethings never change.


    1. Post

      Hi Jason,
      Thanks for your kind remarks. Sorry I’m so late in replying but just getting the hang of all this. We must get together sometime.

      Very best wishes,
      Rob Hulse

  2. Teresa Rowan

    hi Robert
    I am so glad that your website is open to the public now. I like you know with truth and certainty that there is life on other planets. I myself have not seen a space ship in person but I have been fortunate to have had a beautiful encounter with beings from another planet. so I know they exist. thank you for sharing your stories and opening your heart. I am sure many people will be inspired by the birth of this website.

    Teresa Rowan

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    1. Post

      Hi Julie,
      Great to hear from you. I will be holding meetings. Just sorting a few things out at the moment but will definitely let you know when and where.

      Best wishes,
      Rob Hulse


    As I was cycling home from stockport to Macclesfield today on the 20th of january 2020 at 5.50pm – 6-10pm a seen a few flashing lights in different locations one over near wilmslow direction and one in Macclesfield they were hovering in the same spot static. 1 was bright light an the other was flashing not as clear as the bright light one over near wilsmslow, then to my amazement Isaw a giant matt metallic disc shaped space ship (ufo) with like a (v) light on the underneath I was looking at it from the side about 300- 400 kilometres away gliding at a height to low for planes I believe they were on a mission but what mission a guess al never no please email me at if u have seen this or are interested to learn more thank you. Aidon

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