Cases involving police officers

I will now relate a few cases reported to me by police officers, but before I do, I would very strongly recommend that you click on this link for the PRUFOS website, created and run by ex Detective Constable Garry Heseltine. He has done a wonderful job of making Police Reports of UFOS available to the general public and I am full of admiration for his work.

The officers mentioned in the following accounts were either friends of mine with whom I played golf in the Police Golf Society, or I worked for them in their homes cleaning carpets or upholstery. They freely gave me this information, but I have no wish to make life awkward for them so I will not be using their real names and I have no intention of ever revealing them.

P.C. Nicholson of St. Austell Avenue, Macclesfield, was on duty on the desk at Wilmslow Police Station around 1 am one morning in February 1977. A man came into the station in a very agitated state. He was a chauffeur for a top executive at I.C.I. He had just dropped him off and was making his way home near Astell Park, Lower Withington, when he saw a man crossing the road in front of him. This person, who was at least 6 feet tall was dressed in a silver suite which covered him from head to foot. He was floating 4 feet above the ground and carried on in the same way across an adjacent field.

P.C. Nicholson was convinced that the chauffeur was telling the truth and went with him to the spot where the event occurred. Nothing was found, but the chauffeur was so distressed by the incident that he would not stay in the area while the search was made. A report was made of the incident which was filed away. I was told that no effort is ever made by the police to cross reference such reports.

This next report concerns ex policewoman Catherine Mason of Thirlmere, Macclesfield, and took place around 1982. She was on night duty with a colleague in a Panda car in the countryside around Nantwich. It was about 3 am when suddenly everywhere lit up as though it was the middle of the day. They got out of the car but could find no reason for what they were seeing, and after a while the darkness returned. They were completely baffled by the event.

I have some information which might throw some light on this case from my Uncle’s next door neighbour in Siddington. Old Len had lived in Cornwall before ending up in Macclesfield. He told me that on one occasion when he was loading his milk float in Cornwall in the middle of the night, a huge UFO slowly flew overhead. The light which came from it lit the whole area as though it was daylight. I wonder if PC Mason had a similar encounter?

This next report is even more strange and again concerns P.C. Nicholson.

It was January 1976 when he was on patrol with a very experienced officer in a Panda car. They were checking out the lane which ran along the Styal side of the Manchester Airport runway. It is worth noting that the other officer had served in Northern Ireland in tough conditions and was not easily frightened.

On this occasion the lane around midnight was empty, except for a pair of eyes reflecting in the headlights which they at first thought may have belonged to a large horse which had escaped. As they drove towards the eyes, they found that it was not a horse, nor anything else they’d ever seen before.

They drove to within 15 feet of the eyes which were 4 feet apart and 8 feet off the ground. Headlights were on full beam but no body of any kind could be seen. The eyes definitely seemed to be looking at the two policemen who sat open mouthed and nervous. Each eye measured about 5 inches across. After a while, one eye moved very quickly down into the ditch at the side of the road, immediately followed by the other eye which went into the ditch on the other side of the road. The two policemen cautiously examined the ditches but found nothing.

I really have no idea at all whether or not this has any connection with ETs. All I can say is that their technology can take any form, and we do know from various reports that UFOs have frequented the Manchester Airport area.

Finally in this section, I will just mention a policeman who I had the great pleasure to play golf with on quite a few occasions. He was a very senior officer and I shared many of these UFO encounter experiences with him, including my own. I was very surprised on one occasion when he told me that earlier in his career he had worked for a special branch of the police service in London, and while there it was part of his particular duties to interview witnesses to UFO events. So much for the myth that the authorities are not interested in this kind of thing. This person has been retired for some while now, but as far as I know he still lives in the Macclesfield area. Under no circumstances will I divulge his name.

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