Bond Street Space Man

Around 1977, Mrs Stevenson of Buckfast Close, Macclesfield, received an urgent call from her daughter who lived at 117, Bond Street, Macclesfield. It was 8pm and her daughter asked her to come quickly as something was hovering at the bottom of the next door neighbour’s garden. It was rectangular in outline and measured approximately 10 feet across by 8 feet deep, with four large oblong windows, one in each corner, the longer side of the window going from top to bottom. There were several red lights on each corner, and the thing lit up the tree which it was hovering in front of.

Mrs Stevenson got there as quickly as she could, and together with her daughter they watched the thing hovering there for some time. Then the red lights on the right side began to fade followed later by the red lights on the left side. Her daughter, having watched the thing for some time now decided to go indoors leaving Mrs Stevenson alone. By this time, it was around 9pm.

It was then that a person materialised in a full silver suite, who she estimated to be around 10 feet in height. The features were not visible but the person had a long neck and very broad shoulders. She called her daughter to come and look but the man had disappeared by the time she got there. She was again left on her own but had a feeling that the man would return , and so he did. She watched for a further 5 minutes before he faded away.

Around 9.30 pm, a blood red coloured oval sphere approximately 4 feet deep and 3 feet wide appeared and began to hover in front of a large tree in the same garden. The leaves of the tree turned bright silver and started to flutter. She described it as looking like a Christmas Tree. They both watched this before this show ended. That was the end of strange events for that night.

Some years later Mrs Stevenson was standing by a fence on Abbey Road which overlooked the Bollin Valley. As she looked down towards the River Bollin she saw 3 gold coloured balls of light in a horizontal line in the air. The right one then faded and then the left before they all lit up again and started moving up the hillside towards her, growing in apparent size as they did so. When they got really close, her fear overcame her curiosity and she ran quickly back into her home.

On several other occasions, she has seen more of the dark red ovals hovering near her home. On one evening while she was dozing in her chair, she was awakened by a surge of electricity which ran through her body. She looked out of her window to see another dark red oval with a gold coloured cone shape on top hovering over the local school. She was convinced that this object was responsible for giving her the electric shock.

It was around 1980 when her grandson saw a craft with windows land in a field by Albert Road, Bollington, not far from the council tip. He and his pal watched it take off and fly away.



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