Bollinbarn UFOs

Mrs Lomas lived in Bollinbarn, Macclesfield, which once again is quite close to the Bollin Valley. There have been so many cases of UFO sightings in this particular area. It was an early November evening in the year 2000 and just going dusk. The weather was cold but dry. While she was sitting reading the newspaper in the lounge of her bungalow, she heard a noise like a thud come from outside. Pulling the venetian blind to one side, she was astonished to see the most wonderful coloured light display above and around the bungalow opposite which happened to be the home of a policewoman sergeant and her husband. When Mrs Lomas spoke to her 2 days later, she said that she had no knowledge of the event.

The lights extended upwards to about one and a half times the height of the bungalow. They were the most vibrant colours, some of which Mrs Lomas couldn’t even describe. The colours were in different shapes. Some were squares, some round, while the majority were elongated triangular shapes of perhaps one yard in length. They were flying around as if they were playing or chasing each other. Occasionally one would crash into another. After watching for about 5 minutes Mrs Lomas decided to look through the bedroom window where she had a better view. She watched for a further 5 minutes. She stressed to me that she had felt an overwhelming feeling of peace during the sighting. This feeling left her once the sighting was over. She has no memory at all of how the sighting ended.

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