The aim of MUFOS is to create an environment wherein witnesses to UFO sightings and encounters can relate what they know without fear of ridicule. I guarantee that we will achieve this within MUFOS, but it is my hope that together we can change the attitude of the wider public. It is plain to see that there is a huge shift towards spirituality, care for the environment and our fellow creatures with whom we share this world. In my opinion, this change is not an accident or natural progression.

ET contactees have consistently stated that the visitor’s top priority has been to guide us towards a more enlightened state so that we learn to take better care of this beautiful planet. I believe that we are moving swiftly in the right direction and the isolated pockets of evil doing which are regularly portrayed on the news only serve to reinforce our determination to create a better world for all. Ignorance of the truth will take us deeper into darkness. Knowledge will bring us into the light. “The truth shall set you free”.



To my mind, this is the most important aspect of the whole website and nearest to my heart. I’ve used the term; “Abductions”, but I’m not at all sure that this adequately or even correctly describes many of the contact experiences which people undergo. Such contacts are usually quite challenging for us to understand, and yet of all the people I know, including myself, who have experienced contact, there is invariably engendered a far stronger inclination towards spirituality. In some cases, people seek refuge in organised religion which is fine for them. However, my experience is that the majority of people who are taken are led into a far deeper journey of spirituality and understanding of other dimensions which mainstream religions on the whole fail to address adequately.

The whole basis of this spiritual journey is the acknowledgement that we share this planet with visitors from other worlds and other dimensions, and also with the so called “Little People” and Fairies who remain unseen except for a priviledged few. I have not seen either of these last two groups, but I do know good people who have and whose testimonies I believe.

It is my hope that I can provide a safe environment where people like me can share their experiences of contact, secure in the knowledge that they are among friends who truly understand. The fact that people are taken is now surely undeniable. We have suffered enough ridicule from the mainstream media and even from friends and family. It is quite obvious that governments throughout the world are moving rapidly towards disclosure of the E.T. presence here. When the balance is finally tipped so that it becomes an acknowledged fact that we are not alone, do you think that we will receive an apology from the doubters? Not a chance! So, in my opinion, it’s up to us to come together as a group and support each other.

There have been other groups set up to examine and collate “abduction” experiences, but to my knowledge, with the exception of the Witness Support Group, none of them have been run by people who have actually had the experience. We will not be trying to prove to anyone that E.T. contacts actually happen because we already know that it does. I consider it necessary for me to be outspoken about my experiences only so that I might give confidence to others to come forward within our society. It has nothing to do with ego, and in fact I’m fairly confident that there will be others within 15 miles of the centre of Macclesfield who’ve experienced far more than I have done.

I hope that I have convinced you just how seriously I take this subject. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous will be made just as welcome as those who are prepared to share their stories publicly. The most important thing is that you get in touch. You don’t have to deal with this alone anymore. Through sharing our experiences we may better understand them.

One of the most perplexing aspects of UFO encounters is the fact that time can be altered so that we may either gain or lose time. I have personally experienced both of these and with witnesses. I highly recommend that you read this excellent article by Tim Swartz which accurately describes this phenomenon. Just click on his name to read the article.

If there is one book which fully describes a lifetime of abduction experiences, it must be “The Collectors” by Corina Saebels. If you only ever buy one book on this subject, I would urge you to buy this one. Corina and her family have experienced so much which is typical of the abduction phenomenon. I know from my own experiences that Corina’s words are coming straight from her heart and they are the truth. You may find some of what happens to Corina and her family disturbing, but that is the true nature of encounters with extra terrestrials, and comforting as it might be, there is ultimately no point in looking at this subject through rose tinted glasses. There are many races who visit this world. Fortunately, the majority of them are benign. However some are most definitely not so.


As Arthur C Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, so I would urge you to go easy on yourself, and not  expect to understand everything that takes place during an encounter event. It’s simply not possible with our level of understanding.

Here is a link to an excellent discussion concerning abductions. One of the participants; James Millen, is a dear old friend of mine. He was also the editor of the “Rapport” magazine, which was specifically for people like us. I contributed several articles.