Wilmslow UFO

Bridget was the landlady of a public house in Wilmslow, the rear of which adjoined the police station car park. It was New Year’s Eve and the event took place just after midnight on 1st of January 1981.

It began when Bridget noticed a beam of light shining through the glass in the back door. Her first thought was that it was coming from the headlights of a police car on the car park. However, she was intrigued by the light and decided to go outside to find out exactly what it was. Once she was in the back yard she realised that the light was not coming from police car headlights, and she looked up to see a very large circular UFO hovering directly above her. She could see 2 or 3 rows of windows or lights on the craft. Many were rectangular in shape. Some were horizontally aligned, some vertical, and they were of different colours.

She stood in the beam of light from the UFO which made a noise like thunder rumbling but it was not unpleasantly loud. She noticed that all of the metal dustbin lids on the metal dustbins were vibrating strongly, creating a rattling noise. Bridget was not afraid and remarkably felt that she didn’t want to move in case she frightened it off!

Standing in the beam of light, Bridget began to drift into unconsciousness. She described the feeling to me as like being sedated by gas in the dentist’s chair. She feels certain that she was taken on board the craft, and she has a vague memory of being in a room with a large rounded window. If she could have raised her arm, she felt that she could have touched it, but she was unable to move.

Suddenly, she woke with a start back in the yard. It had felt pleasant in the light beam. As she watched, the UFO slowly rose higher in the air before shooting away at incredible speed. When she went back inside the pub she found her husband was concerned about where she had been. Apparently he had been searching for her for at least 30 minutes but she was nowhere to be found. As far as Bridget was concerned, she’d only been gone for a couple of minutes. It’s interesting to note that although it was freezing cold that night and she only had a light dress on, never the less she was still comfortably warm.


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  1. Robert Shaw

    Hi, my name is Rob Shaw I am 53 and have lived in the wilmslow area all my life. I have been very good friends with Bridget’s ( Bridie) son since Dez since 1973. Until I read this report on this website I had no idea about this event.

    I brought the subject up recently with Dez and he did not really want to talk about it and I got the feeling he was embarrassed about it and this is why he had never told me.
    As kids I used to stay at the Swan pub where the incident happened but never witnessed anything.. All I can say is knowing Dez’s mum ( Mrs Cobey to me) as I do I could not think of a more reliable witness. she is a very straight laced straight talking women who would not make anything like this up. The fact that she reported it does surprise me but must reflect the impact it had on her.

    Regards Rob Shaw

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