Three more near Bosley

Sam Edge of Walker Lane, Sutton, was a gamekeeper for many years in the area bordering the telecommunications tower on Croker Hill above Bosley. One night in 1980, Sam was checking the area when a tremendous light shone down directly upon the tower. There was no noise and he was unable to see what was creating the light because it was so intense. Sam told me that the same incident had been reported to the local newspaper by another witness to the event.

Alan Brown of Knowlsley Road, Macclesfield was travelling to Leek with a friend one evening around 1963. When they had gone about half a mile past Smithy Lane, Bosley, (see the case of Mr Nicklin), they saw some bright lights in the field by the roadside. They got out of the car to investigate and found a craft in the field with lights beaming down underneath it. It looked like a spinning top and made a whirring sound, then lifted off and shot away at great speed.

Wilf Hughes and his wife of Lyon Street, Macclesfield, were driving to Flash one day in 1978. When they reached Clulow Cross they saw a UFO hovering above Wincle. It was around 300 feet up in the air and was showing red, green and blue lights. Wilf got out of the car to get a better view and he could now see that it was round with a domed top. His wife became very concerned and shouted to him to get back in the car. They both felt as though they were being watched. Suddenly, from a stationary position, the craft accelerated in the direction of Stoke. Wilf told me that in his estimation its speed was such that it would have been over Stoke in about 3 seconds.

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