Superman of Macclesfield

Here’s a story that was first published in the Macclesfield Times, but here’s a link to a Daily Mirror article on the event which took place in 2014.

The idea of a person flying at altitude without obvious equipment sounds ridiculous, but I know of other sightings of such people in the Pewsey Vale area, which of course is where many of the genuine crop circles have appeared.

The official enquiry into this incident could not find an answer. I have not the slightest doubt from my studies that beings from other worlds are capable of flight in this manner, though not in the way that “Superman” is supposed to do it in the films and comics. I’m sure that the ETs use highly advanced technology to achieve this feat,and not some mysterious super human ability.

This is one aspect of the subject which I would urge you to take seriously and simply wait for further events like this, which I’m quite certain will occur. No need to make your mind up. Just put it in the back of your mind and await developments.

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