Motorbike in the Mist

Jack died around 2000 but some years earlier he told me about an event which always puzzled him. Here it is;

It was sometime in the 1950’s and Jack was riding his treasured motor cycle on his way home to Siddington. He was in the Withington area not too far from Jodrell Bank and it was late evening. Suddenly, a cloud of some kind came across the road in front of him. As he rode into it, the engine of his well maintained motor bike instantly stopped running, and he was thrown off into the ditch. The cloud then changed from dark to extremely bright several times and then it just disappeared. He remounted his motorcycle which started immediately, and then he rode home.

On the face of it this is just a simple motor bike accident, but I’m convinced there’s a lot more to it. Firstly, anywhere around Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope is a well known UFO hotspot. There are several other cases from the area in this section.

Clouds don’t just appear across the road and they certainly don’t alternate between darkness and extreme brightness as this one did. Neither does a simple cloud or mist instantly cut an engine which is running perfectly and then starts up “first kick” the moment the cloud mysteriously disappears.

What we do know from other cases similar to this one is that anomalous clouds, fogs or mists across the road are often connected with a UFO encounter, and that interference with electrical equipment such as a vehicle engine is commonplace during events such as this.

Jack never had the slightest interest in UFOs, but when I heard him relate his story my ears pricked up as I’m quite certain that a UFO was interested in him that evening.

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