Local connection

This next case isn’t actually a local sighting, but Diane was living in Black Road, Macclesfield at the time she told me all about it. I’ve included it here because it’s yet another case from 1980, and it illustrates just how close some people are connected to “the visitors”. Diane was rather reluctant to tell me the whole story at first, probably because she didn’t think that I would believe her, but she needn’t have worried, and nor should anyone else who is considering sharing their stories with me.

It was the summer of 1980, and Diane was living in Boston, Lincolnshire. Her two very young children were playing out in the garden when they started shouting, and so Diane went out to see what all the commotion was about. She was amazed to see a small craft tilted at an angle above the garden fence, and the two occupants inside were looking down at her children.

The occupants were what have become known as “Nordics”, looking as they do so much like people from Scandinavia, with long blonde hair and blue eyes. They wore a silver coloured one piece suite and they appeared to be a man and a woman. Diane didn’t remember hearing any sound from the craft as it flew away at fantastic speed.

On another occasion, while her daughter was still very young, she managed to fall out of an upstairs window. Diane’s attention was grabbed by her neighbour shouting about what had just happened. Diane found her daughter upside down about one foot off the ground with her back pinned to the wall of her house, as if held there by a force field. She plucked her daughter from the wall and found her to be uninjured.

Yes I know, it sounds like a preposterous tale, but I would simply ask you to reserve judgement until you’ve studied this subject for a few years. I think you may find that the connection between extra terrestrials and some people could not be closer, and is usually a life long phenomenon.



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