David Lewis Centre UFO

Mrs Sherratt worked at the David Lewis Centre near Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope. It was around 3.00am in July 1995 when she found herself by a large window taking a break. The sky was so clear and there were a very large number of what she took to be clusters of stars. Neither before or since has she seen the sky look this way. She particularly noticed one very bright star, and as she watched it, something either came from it or just appeared by it. She couldn’t decide which was the case.

It was then that beams of yellowish white light began to emanate from this object which started to fall towards the ground. It went back up and down again another three or four times, each time getting nearer to the ground. When it was at its lowest point it flew across the ground towards the David Lewis Centre and ended up less than 100 feet from Mrs Sherratt’s window. She felt privileged to see it but was never the less quite anxious. The beams of light had now gone and she could see that the object was round or oval in shape. It gave off many different colours from around its rim. She doesn’t remember seeing any lights on the top or bottom of the object which was approximately 40 feet long and made a faint humming sound.

Her anxiety heightened as she somehow realised that the object was aware of her presence. She took 3 steps back from the window but then changed her mind and returned just in time to see the object flying away at great speed. The whole event lasted around 20 minutes. The next day 3 other employees confirmed seeing the object at the same time from different vantage points.

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