Chelford UFO

The year was 1974 or 75 and it was 7.15am and daylight. Mrs Poynton, who now lives in Westbury Drive, Macclesfield, was driving to work from Knutsford to Macclesfield. Just before she reached the Egerton Arms at Chelford, she saw a domed topped, disc shaped UFO which had actually landed in a field near the road. It was about 8 feet long and was glowing a mid orange colour. She stopped the car to get a better look and as she did so the UFO took off almost vertically at high speed and disappeared into the sky. She could hear no noise from the UFO above the noise of her car engine. She then drove on a little further to the Egerton Arms where she reported what she’d seen to a policeman who was there because he had received other calls about the UFO.

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