Boomerang Shaped Craft

Delia Johnson lived in Tytherington with her family in 2001 when she rang to tell me about her sighting. It’s important to state here that all Delia’s family are keen on aeroplane recognition, and they have aeroplane models in their home.

It was Monday 13th of November 2000 at around 9.15 pm. Together with her friend Pam Dennett they were leaving Welltrough Flowers, driving towards Lower Withington, near Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope, when they both saw a boomerang shaped craft below cloud height going very slowly.

They stopped the car and watched it for at least 30 seconds. There were around 12 white, non flashing lights on the underside of each arm of the craft. They were both spooked as it was definitely not an aeroplane. It was totally silent and was bigger than a private light aircraft, but smaller than an average sized passenger jet.

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