Bollington Cross UFOs

Mrs Judith Foster of Ovenhouse Lane, Bollington, was in her home one evening when she saw something strange in the sky. It was around the end of September 1999 and it was going dusk about 8.15 pm. The sighting was at the back of her house near the old tip, which apparently cannot be built on due to the amount of toxic waste which was dumped there in years past.

She saw an indistinct shaped object giving off a low pale yellow light. There were no other lights visible as she watched it through binoculars for around 10 minutes. The object was below the clouds and moved from side to side 3 times before moving in an instant to another point. It stopped and hovered again before disappearing in an instant. No sound was heard from the object and it was witnessed by 2 other persons who were in the house at that time.

It’s interesting to note that my cousin’s daughter, Anne Bain, also saw a UFO hovering over the same area back in the early 1960’s. I’m quite sure that there will be many other people who’ve seen craft in this location over the years, and it’s my hope that these sighting reports will trigger memories in other people who hopefully will get in touch with me through our society.

I know from years of research that the occupants of the UFOs are very concerned about pollution in our environment. This is why they are often seen around industrial complexes and refuse dumps, where I’m quite sure they are monitoring the levels of toxicity.

There have been a number of sightings over the years near the Council Tip on the Congleton Road, near the Rising Sun Inn, and there is a sighting report on that location for you to read also.


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