Anglers UFOs

One evening around 1993, Mr Worthington of Tytherington Drive, Macclesfield, was night fishing with 2 friends on the lake at Palotti Hall, Pexhill Road.

The UFO rose up from the island in the middle of the lake. It was a very bright white light which lit up the whole area and made them shade their eyes. As Mr Worthington reached for his camera, the UFO disappeared into the sky.

Another case which involved night fishing took place by the pool in the field opposite the Harrington Arms at Gawsworth. In this case, Geoff Swinton of Macclesfield was fishing with friends when a UFO descended towards the same field. I hope to get further information on this case which I will then add here.

Gawsworth is noted for strange events. Perhaps the extremely powerful electromagnetic fields surrounding ET craft are somehow responsible for some of these. A few years ago, I remember an article in the Macclesfield Times relating to problems with clocks in Gawsworth. Time distortions when UFOs are present are not unusual. There’s a link to a terrific article on the subject by Tim Schwartz in the “Suggested Links” section.

Another very interesting case involves another local fisherman who wishes to remain anonymous for the time being, though I have not the slightest doubt that his account is truthful. The main reason is that while he recounted his experiences to me, he obviously had no knowledge of, and very little interest in the subject. As far as he was concerned, it was just something that he encountered which he didn’t understand, and had no intention of trying to understand. Amazing how people just accept these things without wanting to get to the bottom of it! I suppose we’re all different.

He actually had several experiences of the unexplained variety which does not surprise me as anglers, particularly night anglers are very likely to encounter these things. If other anglers have seen craft, lights or shadowy figures which are out of the ordinary, I would be very happy to hear from them. I’m quite happy for them to request anonymity and I will honour all such requests, however my primary reason for creating this society is to bring this subject more into the open, and every person who agrees to put their name to a sighting or contact experience is helping to do just that.

In this particular case, the angler was night fishing on the canal, just below Macclesfield Golf Club, a location where I know of other sightings, though of course he didn’t. As soon as he mentioned this particular area, my ears pricked up.

A few years ago, he was sat on the towpath with his back to the stone wall which borders that part of the golf course. Sat on the wall was a local cat which waited for a dead fish to be thrown to him on the rare occasions when the fish was injured while being caught. It was a very warm night. He suddenly became aware of a football sized ball of light coming towards him along the canal towpath. It was around four feet off the ground, and was the same electric blue colour that can be found in a glass plasma ball, which people put their hands on to divert the electric charge. As it got to within about ten feet of him, he reached for his camera, but as he did so the ball of light seemed to be aware of his intentions and flew over the wall and off up the golf course. The cat was frightened by the ball as it flew by him and ran away. He told me that he had seen exactly the same thing in the same area on two separate occasions. One thing which is very apparent is that the ball of blue light was under intelligent control. Why else would it have followed the line of the canal towpath and taken evasive action when the angler reached for his camera?

In some cases, I am certain that these balls of light are ET technology, a kind of probe if you will. On other occasions, I’m absolutely certain that certain ETs are able to transform into one of these balls of light and are able to travel wherever they wish in this manner. The colour of the light seems to reflect the colour of the being within. I appreciate that this sounds ridiculous but I would ask the reader to be patient and not rush to judgement. By all means, don’t accept what I say without seeing evidence, but please just keep an open mind. As Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

On another occasion around 1971, this same angler was riding his motorbike towards Lyme Green from the centre of Macclesfield, when he saw a long UFO approximately the length of four buses. He stopped the bike and watched it fly off towards the telecoms tower on Croker Hill overlooking Bosley.

Earlier on in his life he had spent some time in the area of the quarry behind Fools Nook catching rabbits at night. He simply told me that he and his friend had on several occasions seen shadowy figures of people which they were never able to quite make out. They never saw any of them properly, and given the location and time of night, it is highly unlikely that other people would have been out there. On the face of it, there’s just no explanation. However, my studies and my own sightings have shown me that this area is often visited by UFOs and ETs, and that the ETs have a technology, or shall we say an ability to appear transparent as a kind of stealth technique, rather like looking at something through a strong heat haze.. I have personally experienced this on two occasions. Once in a crop circle in Wiltshire and the second time while speaking to anglers setting up for a night’s carp fishing on the railway side at Rudyard Lake. On neither occasion did I feel threatened in any way.





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